About us


We are Inna and Paul, an ordinary couple who fell in love, made babies and loves traveling the world!

We are both from Estonia, but our paths crossed in 2011 , in Lapland, Finland. We were both there for the snow, winter wonderland and cross-country skiing! Since then we discovered that we have so much more in common – traveling among everything else, so we started exploring the world together, did hikes on the Alps, had unbelievable adventures on volcanoes, saw many waterfalls, enjoyed beautiful beaches and also snowy mountains. Unfortunately at that time we did not capture all those moments on photos.

Now we have two awesome boys Axel and Levi. We do everything we did before, but with our kids! It is so much cooler. We feel like our story might be interesting to others, so we would love to motivate people and show that even after having kids, we can all still enjoy our old hobbies and travel the world with them!

Like everybody else, we have our day jobs. Inna used to be a personal trainer, she loves coding , fashion, fitness. Paul loves finance, good food, competing in different sports. We are entrepreneurs at the moment.

We would love to share our explorations and adventures with everybody, build a friendly community , inspire and also learn from all the other cool parents and travel loving people and just enjoy life! Hopefully people will find our blog helpful and interesting.